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Demolition Services

Junk removal is just the beginning of what we can do for you. We also offer demolition services for your home, office or commercial building. This includes removing your shed or kitchen cabinets in a timely manner. We also take care of post-demo cleanup so you don’t have to worry about a mess being left behind after we’re done.

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Demolition Services

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Our demolition services include:
• House, garage and sheds
• Decks and fences
• Garages
• Kitchens and bathrooms
• Basement interior
• Offices and warehouses
• Debris removal and cleanup
• Construction Trash

Junk Hauling & Demolition Silver Spring is proud to have built up a lot of trust and goodwill throughout the DMV over the past 40 years.

While demolition may seem like a drastic measure, there are some potential benefits for homeowners. Here are a few:

  1. Starting fresh: Demolition allows you to completely start fresh with a new home, which can be exciting for homeowners who are looking for a change.

  2. Increased property value: In some cases, demolishing an old home and building a new one can increase the property value. This is especially true if the old home was outdated or in disrepair.

  3. Safety concerns: If the old home is structurally unsound or has safety issues, demolition may be the safest option. By removing the old home, you can ensure that the new home is built with the latest safety standards in mind.

  4. Building a custom home: Demolition allows you to design and build a custom home that meets your specific needs and preferences. This can be a major benefit for homeowners who have been dreaming of a specific layout or design.

  5. Environmental benefits: In some cases, demolishing an old home can be more environmentally friendly than attempting to renovate it. By building a new, energy-efficient home, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.

Call 1-855-321-2100 for a free estimate today. Be sure to say, “Mark in Time” for 10 percent off!

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“Mark was professional and kept me updated throughout the task. Excellent service and I’ll definitely contact him again for my next task. Thanks Mark!”

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